The Story of Us

Way back when the internet was just a baby we met in an online chat room. After several years of communication between us, we finally made the decision that we belonged together.. Most couples aspire to move forward and progress over time, while our goal was to go back to when times were simpler and more fulfilling. Over the last 15 years we built a small homestead in the Ga mountains. We did fairly well  in our endeavors eventually growing the majority of our food and providing for ourselves while  also knowing that the area around us was growing and becoming more populated.

Over the last few years, life has had its share of ups and downs while we both  pushed forward doing what we had to do but becoming more agitated with the situation and circumstances. Around the first of 2017 we both began looking at properties in areas of the country that appealed to us. Our criteria were less population, two sides bordering forest lands and water availability. In our searches, we both kept ending up at one 8 acre property.  After several days of discussion and  looking into the area, we decided that it was the place we wanted to be, called a realtor to sell  the Ga property and put an offer in on the land in Mo. In just over a week, both properties were under contract. The Ga journey should be ending  the first week of April and the Mo journey will begin shortly thereafter.


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