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wood crafts

All wood crafts are made from local, sustainably harvested wood.  All wood crafts are rustic and  are meant to embrace their imperfections. Each piece is individually hand crafted here on the farm,  and each purchase goes directly toward improvements here in the holler. 


Each piece is roughly sanded and burned by hand onto cedars slices. Slices are approximately 1 1/2 inches thick and are made to stand on their own. Hangers can be added to the back if desired.

sizes are not exact due to  the natural shape of the wood 

small 5-7 inches - height and width             $45

medium 7-10 inches-height and width          $55

large 10-16 inches-height and width             $70

prices are based on size and are sold with shipping included in the price. (within usa only)

Items are available for pick up-price adjusted accordingly

items ship in 3-5 days

available products change frequently




Cutting/Cheese/Display Boards

live edge cherry--cutting /cheese/display boards both are about 13 x 13 and 2 3/4 thick . The larger(one with angled edge) is reversible, the smaller(more square) is not. They are oiled with food grade mineral oil.  These are the only two available!

Prices include shipping (within US)

Ships within 3-5 days

Items can be picked up on site-prices adjusted accordingly

large board- $135

smaller board - $100

Garden Seeds and Cuttings

All seeds and cuttings are grown here on the farm.  Although we are not certified organic, we use no chemical products on our plants or in the gardens. 

Sambucus nigra- american elderberry - cuttings are 5-6 inches  long and shipped in lots of 10. Cuttings will look like sticks on arrival. Place in water with bud end pointed up. May take several weeks to show growth. Transplant come spring.


Glass Gem Corn -  Glass gem corn is an heirloom variety- parching/ roasting/popcorn  that grows on medium size ears. Kernels look like glass gems and can have a rainbow of colors. - approximately 100 seeds

Hibiscus lasiocarpos, -  hairy rose mallow, is a Missouri native plant that thrives in  wet soils along ponds and sloughs, in ditches or in wet woods, A vigorous perennial that typically  reaches 4-6' tall. Direct sow in fall or store in fridge 60 days and plant in trays ¼ in deep until transfer.   Approximately 50 seeds.

All products are priced with shipping included (within USA)

Ships within 3-5 days

Items can be picked up on site -prices adjusted accordingly

**limited number of rooted shrubs available- you  dig-$1.50 ea  and up- contact us to arrange a time

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