We (Hillbilly and Dilli) came to the Mo-zarks via the North Georgia Mountains.  After having homesteaded there for many years, we decided it was time to move on to where we would not be encroached upon and fulfill our dreams of building a cab-inn. While searching for property this place kept turning up, no matter where we searched, so we bought it! We have spent the last 4 years working to make improvements on the property, grow our homestead and build our tiny house/farm stay vacation rental here in Shannon County

We like doing things a bit differently than most by mixing a  primitive lifestyle with modern technology.  allows us to live comfortably with  most of the  modern amenities while also walking closely with the earth. To do this we reuse and recycle whenever possible. We believe in conserving water and energy. All facilities use composting toilets  and gray water systems. Water catchment is in place to make use of rainwater when and where possible and we use on demand hot water systems.  The majority of our from scratch cooking is done over wood whether it is on the wood stove in the winter or the fully equipped outdoor wood fired kitchen. Gardens, orchards, and animals are grown for food but we also hunt and forage when in season.

a montage of the remodel

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