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We accept no liability for any injuries or accidents incurred by you or your guests and you accept full responsibility for your health and safety while you stay at ItzaWayzBack Farm. 

Accident/Injury: All outdoor activities involve the possibility for risk or injury or death. ItzaWayzBack Farm LLC and/or the owner of the cabin you are staying in will not be held accountable for any accidents or injuries that occur during your stay. You are taking full responsibility for you and all of the members in your party when you book a stay. This includes accidents, injury or death that may occur while using the deck, barbecue, or any other amenities on the property. All inherent risk is acknowledged and understood by you when booking this stay.

ItzaWayzBack Farm LLC is in no way responsible for any damage to any vehicle on the driveway in. Although we attempt to keep it well maintained, heavy rains may cause it to rut and repairs  (due to rural location) may be slow in coming. 

Liability:  We make every effort to make the farm and cabin safe  for all. It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the owner, nor the management  of  ItzaWayzBack Farm LLC shall be liable for any damages or injury to guests/visitors or to any of their property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the property by guests/visitors.

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