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Where are you located? 

Timber, Mo- 25 miles south of Salem and 19 miles north of Eminence. We are one mile off state hwy 19  between EE and A.      Map

Are you on the river?

No, we are not on the river. We are near to many of the Northern  access points as well as Echo Bluff State Park. Check out River fun/places to visit

What outfitter do you recommend? 

Carr's/Running River- just over a mile away.

Does the cabin have power?  

Yes it has power but it does not have conventional plug ins. There are usb and lighter ports in the cabin.

Does the cabin have water?  

From May til the end of October, yes! The rest of the year  there is water but not thru the plumbing.

Is there cell phone coverage? 

Probably not. Coverage is getting more reliable  but dont expect it in the general area.

Do you have wifi? 

We do via satellite, but speed and reliability are not like that in a city. Wifi in the cabin is dependent on your device, the weather, and our speed. 

Do you allow pets?

NO! We have a homestead with animals and a working dog. NO PETS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Is the cabin child friendly?

It is for certain ages! It is not toddler proof in any shape, form or fashion. There is a ladder to the loft, there is a simple,not a safety, railing in the loft. 

Is there heat/air conditioning in cabin?  

Yes to both.

Is there a stove in the cabin?

There is no stove in the cabin. There is a microwave  and a small grill on the deck. There is a fire ring and grill down in front of the cabin.  Charcoal and cooking wood are provided. Single burner butane stove available as well.

Are you marijuana friendly? 

Yes we are! Feel free to partake and enjoy but please do so outdoors.

Is the outdoor kitchen for guest use? 

The kitchen  is an add on option at this time. It can be added on  for $25 per day or if you would like to have a small event (8am-8pm) -$60

What is the extra sleep space?

It is  the main floor of our second cabin. It is unfinished/in progress  but is safe and dry. There is a single light and a fan.Two queen air beds and a bucket/compost toilet  in a tent outside. Children must have an adult with them to stay here. You supply  bed linens

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