River Fun

Itzawayzback Farm is located in an off the beaten path location, but at the midway point for a Current River adventure, whether it be by innertube, canoe,  raft or kayak.  If fun and adventure during the day, but peaceful relaxation in the evening is your thing, this is the place for you!

Running River Canoe Rental is 1 mile away.

Access Points

  • Baptist Camp-30 miles

  • Akers-13 miles

  • Pulltite-6 miles

  • Round Spring-7 miles

  • Jerk Tail Landing-19 miles

  • Two Rivers/Jacks Fork-27 miles

Red star on map is where we are located

Short one-day trips
Welch Spring to Akers Ferry    2 1/2 miles         1-2 hours 
Cedar Grove to Akers Ferry      8 miles               3-5 hours
Akers Ferry to Pulltite              10 miles              3-5 hours

Pulltite to Round Spring            10 miles              3-5 hours

Long one-day trips
Baptist Camp to Akers Ferry    16 miles              6-7 hours
Akers Ferry to Round Spring    20 miles              8-9 hours